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Newest Episode "MISSING"
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Newest Episode "MISSING"

Episode aired: January 25, 2005

A Mysterious Envelope turns up at the 1-6 precinct for Olivia Benson. Inside is a picture that marks the exact location of the body of a missing eight-year-old boy.
The body leads the detectives to interrogate a man on death row about to be executed. The con insists that he never hurt the boy and the detectives, in turn, are led to one of his other victims.
After worming a confession, their perp turns up shot and squished by a train. Now comes more problems with finding the person responsible for Deacon's death, who happens to be a very unlikely person. . . 


Season 6 Episode 13

It looks like there is no episode for next week, :*(
Elliot doesn't really appear to much in this episode aside from the beginning and end. A Little E/O moment at the end.


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